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The mini courses below can be seen as project or action plans in the partner localities.
At the buttom of the Mini Moodle list there are some mini mini moodles made for the Cultureplan Youth project partners.

The mini courses are part of our Moodle course structure: Meta, Middle and Mini Moodles.

Course image Minimoodle 9 EU-funding event - feedback 2022
Mini Moodles

After having participated in the 25-10-2022 EU-funding Event in Timisoara, we invite you to give feedback regarding the quality of the event. You do that by answering the enclosed questions. Thank you for your time!

Course image Mini 10: YOUTH WITH SPECIAL NEEDS - linked to MIDDLE 3 #19
Mini Moodles

This Mini Moodle is about youth with special needs 

- and is a detailing of slide #19 in the Meta Moodle 3 about ISOLATED YOUNG PEOPLE AND THE CREATIVE SECTOR.

But you can also take the mini course in itself. The course is about young people with special needs can have a variety of characteristics, depending on their individual needs and circumstances. Some common characteristics may include:

1. Learning difficulties
2.Physical disabilities
3.Behavioural challenges
4.Communication difficulties
5.Medical conditions

The course will provide you with knowledge about working with these groups.