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    Welcome our eLearning and resource platform

    Our platform and the modules

    Our moodle platform consists of three modules. The modules are titled the meta module, the middle module, and the mini module. The modules are presented here as a pyramid, where you will start with the meta module and work your way down to the mini module. 

    You can chose to follow one path - for example from the meta module, to one moodle from the middle module, and ending with one moodle from the mini module. At that point, you can also take more moodles from the mini module. Of, if you want, you can go back and take a different middle moodle and other mini moodles, too. There are a whole host of different paths you can take to complete this moodle platform!

    The three modules and their moodles 

    Each module consists of a number of moodles, which follow a common course disposition. The platform, modules, and courses also follow common guidelines.  

    Meta moodles
    The meta moodles offer a general introduction to working with the Cultural and Creative Sector (CCS) through cultural planning and mapping. While you can chose which moodles are relevant for you and your community on the middle and mini module levels, we recommend that you follow all three meta moodles. 

    In the meta moodles, theoretical and practical perspectives are combined. You will be asked to complete some tasks and you will be presented with a "how-to" guide for mapping the CCS in your community. Through mapping the CCS in your community, you will have a tool to help you identify perceived problem areas that discourage the participation of youths while bringing to the fore strengths that offer them opportunities. 

    By including in your mapping exercise youth on the edge of society who are already interested in the CCS, you can better facilitate for their participation. And, by including youth on the edge of society in a wider understanding of the CCS community and their publics, you can better facilitate for these groups' societal participation and democratic inclusion.  

    The CCS and youth on the edge of society are the two core themes of this project. Join the meta module.

    Middle moodles
    After having completed the meta module and your cultural mapping, you will have a better grasp of the perceived strengths and weaknesses in your CCS community. On the basis of this analysis, we invite you to go deeper into the following themes making it easier for you to facilitate young peoples entering the Cultural and Creative Sector. 
    For this project, we have developed three themes as individual middle moodles. The themes are education and leaning, isolated youths, and youths with special needs. Join the middle moodles.

    Mini moodles
    The mini moodles present concrete tools and specific activities to assist you in your work. You can further develop these tools and activities for your community and in light of your interests. They are intended to be actions that will have hands on effect at the coalface. 

    The mini moodles are diverse and offer a wide range of actions that can help you facilitate for youths on the edge of society. Examples of mini moodles range from How to apply for EU-funding and EU project design and project circle management, to workshops such as How to self-brand and How to organise an art event. Join the mini moodles

    Good luck and we would love to hear from you! 
    In future iterations of this platform, we can develop more moodles. Are there areas that you want us to develop middle moodles for, or actions that you want us to develop mini moodles for? Contact us using the "contact us" button below! 

    This platform is part of the the EU Erasmus+ project: "Getting Young People and Young Adults Included and Engaged in the Cultural and Creative Sectors". For more information about our project, see cultureplan-youth.eu


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