Welcome to the mini moodles 

The mini moodles are part of our Moodle course structure: Meta, Middle and Mini Moodles.

Course image Mini Module 03.13: CULTURAL MAPPING THE CITY OF BODØ’S CCS
Mini module


Aim: Cultural mapping the city of Bodø’s cultural and creative sector (CCS) to lay the basis for an ambitious initiative to lift and professionalise the sector in Bodø, as part of its work to become a European Capital of Culture (ECoC) in 2024.

Course image Mini moodle 03.01: EU programmes 2021-2027
Mini module

This mini moodle aims to identify suitable 2021-2027 European programme funding opportunities, in order for participants to be able to seek funding for their relevant local needed activities.

The aim of this moodle is to improve the quality and the accessibility of European projects in order to foster European integration and excellence in education. This includes projects empowering and training teachers, education staff, and those interested in developing European learning projects to successfully access and manage European funds.

The aims of this moodle includes:

  • Acquiring knowledge and practical information about EU policies and funding opportunities 2021-2027, for example Erasmus+, through specific and project-oriented learning sessions.
  • Acquiring knowledge of how to network and make contacts with individuals and organisations interested in developing European projects through everyday cooperation and specific networking activities.

Course image Mini moodle 03.02: Project design and project cycle management
Mini module

This moodle aims to improve participants’ practical skills from shaping a project idea, to identifying suitable European programmes, to designing a good project to get funding.

The aims of this moodle include:

  • Improving practical skills related to project management and design, and the application process; including how to correctly interpret a call for proposal, how to design and develop effective project ideas, how to fill in the application form through cooperative compilation of application forms, and the analysis of successful projects. 
  • Learning and getting guidance on the preparation and management of financial budgeting and contractual aspects through concrete examples and direct evidences. 
  • Learning best practices related to the planning and implementation of the preparatory, visibility, dissemination, and follow-up phases of successful projects. 

Course image Mini moodle 03.03: How to create an art event
Mini module

This moodle aims to improve participants’ practical skills regarding the creation, design, management, and funding of events. The creating of events starts from shaping the idea, to identifying the right type of event.

The general aim of this course is access to basic information about creating an event, including: 

  • Basic knowledge of organizational skills
  • Networking savvy
  • A basic understanding of events
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Multitasking

Course image Mini moodle 03.04: Graffiti - how to create a workshop
Mini module

The aim of this moodle is that the participant will have obtained skills and competencies that will permit good planning of graffiti workshops, including a
 better understanding of the history of graffiti. These aims include:

  • Planning your workshop based on the research information
  • Sensitivity and empathy towards other communities
  • Integrity and sincerity
  • Sense of humour
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Responsiveness
  • Eye for detail

Course image Mini Moodles 03.05 How to work with digital marketing
Mini module

This moodle aims to improve participants’ practical skills in digital marketing.

This includes:

  • Understanding the basic concepts of digital marketing, including the advantages, limitations, and design. 
  • Understanding the various techniques/options for online presence and how to select suitable keywords for search engine optimisation. 
  • Acknowledging that there are various social media platforms, and knowing how to use them. 
  • Understanding how the effective management of social networks helps to promote and generate opportunities. 
  • Using social network management services, scheduling posts, and setting notifications.
  • Understanding online marketing and advertising options, including the use of search engines, e-mail, and mobile marketing. 
  • Understanding and using analytics services to monitor and improve advertising campaigns. 

Course image Mini moodle 03.06: How to work with CCS and the environment
Mini module

In this moodle, we look closer at the CCS and the environment. The UN Sustainable Development Goals have long been a common interest, and in this moodle we go into detail about how you can include environmental perspectives in working with the CCS. 

Course image Mini moodle 03.07: How to fulfill GDPR for YouTube videos
Mini module

The aim of this moodle is for participants to gain a greater understanding of the GDPR requirements when making and presenting YouTube videos. While very important, it is easy to overlook this requirement. Therefore, this moodle aims to give you a simple method so that each YouTube video the user makes, meets these requirements. 

Course image Mini moodle 03.08: How to embed a PowerPoint file
Mini module

The aim of this moodle is for participants to learn to embed Microsoft PowerPoint files in teaching and learning on-line courses, such as these moodles, when they are placed on OneDrive.

On-line learning and teaching, micro-credentials using asynchronous materials, and flexible formal and non-formal learning is here to stay, and several developing businesses and community groups want to use these tools. However, young people often need simple tools to help them create their platforms. 

In this moodle, we offer a simple way to embed Microsoft PowerPoint files. 

Course image Mini moodle 03.09: Inside Our Autistic Minds
Mini module

In this moodle, we invite participants to understand thinking differently. 

By looking closer at how Chris Packham helps autistic people illustrate how their minds work, helping them connect with their friends and family in a new, more authentic way, this moodle aims to offer participants new insight into an important youth group.