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The middle courses below can be seen as situation-description and/or statements. The topics will be respectively Inclusion, Creative entrepreneurship and innovation, Resources.

The middle courses are part of our Moodle course structure: Meta, Middle and Mini Moodles.

Course image Digital Marketing
Middle Moodles

This structured course aims to improve participants’ practical skills in digital marketing.

Thanks to this project the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of digital marketing, including the advantages, limitations, and design
  • Understand  of the various techniques/options for online presence and how to select suitable keywords for search engine optimization
  • Acknowledge that there are various social media platforms and using them
  • Understand how the effective management of social networks helps to promote and generate lead opportunities
  • Use of social network management services, scheduling posts, and setting notifications.
  • Understand of online marketing and advertising options, including the use of search engines, e-mail, and mobile marketing
  • Understand and using analytics services to monitor and improve advertising campaigns
After the course, you are invited to give feedback regarding the quality of the event.