Welcome to the Middle module 

The middle module concentrates on specific aspects of situations or problem areas you will have identified while working on the meta module. You may chose to take one or more of the middle moodles, depending on you findings from the meta module.

The middle moodles are part of our moodle platform structure, with meta, middle and mini modules.

Course image Middle moodle 02.02: Isolated young people and the creative sector
Middle module

Social and cultural isolation amongst young people is a challenge that has been increasingly at the forefront of European efforts to better since after the COVID-19 crisis. 

Isolated youth face unique challenges when it comes to their education and their participation in the creative and cultural sector. The lack of social interaction and support can lead to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and even depression, which can negatively impact their academic performance, their ability to engage in creative pursuits, and their social and democratic participation. 

In addition to many young people falling off in the "society shutdown" as a result of COVID-19, that crisis hit the cultural and creative sector (CCS) particularly hard. There are, nonetheless, opportunities for both young and the CCS by looking at these groups together. 

This middle moodle articulates these opportunities and is an attempt to better address the new challenges brought about by climate change, globalisation, demographic change, and technological breakthroughs.

Course image Middle moodle 02.03: Youths with special needs
Middle module

This middle moodle is about youth with special needs. Young people with special needs can have a variety of characteristics, depending on their individual needs and circumstances. Some common characteristics may include: learning difficulties, physical disabilities, behavioural challenges, communication difficulties, and medical conditions. 

This moodle offers insight and information about working with these groups.